Crosscal: Disclaimer

Crosscal is provided in good faith, and with every intention of accuracy. However, no guarantee is made as to the accuracy of the data supplied. Users of Crosscal are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of any data that they may choose to use or rely on. Under no circumstances will Crucix, or the author or publisher of Crosscal be liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by inaccurate information from Crosscal.

Crosscal manipulates data which is freely available from various pages of the US Naval Observatory web site. The purpose of Crosscal is to take this data and to provide it in more convenient formats. The USNO pages contain extensive information about the derivation of the astronomical data, as well as advice on the reliability of the data and the use to which it might be put. In particular, this page notes that the data is not provided for use in litigation.

In the UK, HM Nautical Almanac Office is responsible for publishing astronomical data. HMNAO works jointly with the USNO in the preparation and publication of the data. HMNAO does make this data available for personal use on its Websurf pages, but does not allow the data to be shared with third parties or shown to the public. The identical data is available without restriction from the USNO, and so Crosscal uses that source.

Crosscal also uses the website to convert British postcode information into the corresponding Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates required by the USNO web site.

Crosscal is copyright © 2005-2022 crucix. All rights reserved.